Atmos Re Processed CDM 2001 MYCEL iNT

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[ Atmos - Re-Processed CDM ]

Artist........ Atmos
Album......... Re-Processed
Genre......... Psychedelic
Label......... Acid Casualties
Hyperlink..... n/a
Catalog....... ACDC009
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.90.3
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2001
Release.Date.. 2004-05-24
Tracks........ 03
Playtime...... 23:19 min
Release.Size.. 33,2 MB


01. The Only Process (Atmos Remix Edit) 07:12
02. The Only Process (Vibrasphere Remix Edit) 07:21
03. The Only Process (Haldolium Remix) 08:46


Queen MYCEL and her psycho freaks welcome all you
psychedelic shroomsters to this fine release.

MYCEL was founded in May 2003 out of the chaos of a
group fated to die. Looking back to the past year,
we are happy to have brought some of the finest in
psytrance and ambient music to our friends and the
scene in general.

For the ceremony in honour of Queen MYCEL we decided
to sacrifice some old, rare gems to please our
goddess. We hope some of you, who might have lost
them over the years or just like the VBR quality,
enjoy them too :)

Love & Light to everyone who lent a hand, you know
who you are :)

Please ... reciprocate the artists and also our work
and make sure you dont spread our releases to any
public, non scene places (and the scene is surely not
your #...trance or #...xdcc chans!).

It makes everyone sick to see the wide masses of
lamers enjoying scene releases and doing nothing in
return. Also the fucking lame sceners leaking to
these places are of the lowest type a scener can be.

You are the guys that just take, never give in return
and are the real cause for the (more or less slow)
death of the labels. We cant understand why so many
of you are not willing to buy any of the music you
seem to love that much and wish some of you would
take the time to deeply think about that!

Still this year has been a time of great joy for us
and we would like to take the opportunity to thank
everyone involved ... lightning thanks to you!!

Another explicit big thanks goes to everyone in MYCEL
for being such a positive minded & friendship crew!

Now we hope you'll enjoy some of our few surprises
for today ... stay saiko shroomsters! :)

This release is a dupe of:

2001-11-01 Atmos_-_Re-Processed-CDM-2001-NmE

Please buy Originals - no mp3 - or whatever, can ever
substitute a CD, DVD or Vinyl. Especially smaller labels
need YOUR SUPPORT to keep on running and to survive!

We only do this for promotion - just to give you a sample
of the retail product ... but this is no copy - it's mp3!

You need to feel the bass to go with the flow ... and
that's what mp3 just can't give you. So better get it in
high quality, while it's still available and not soldout.

Take your time to listen and to decide, who's artist's sound
is compatible with your head. And don't forget to support
the ones, who deserve to be supported. You're welcome :)

So much for now ... meet ya @ the next party ... somewhere.

Greetz to our pals@



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02-atmos_-_the_only_process_vibrasphere_remix_edit-mycel.mp310 814 693
03-atmos_-_the_only_process_haldolium_remix-mycel.mp313 813 469