Night Hex Viziuni Nocturne SUNCDEP01 2015 gEm

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presents a 2015 release

Night Hex - Viziuni Nocturne

Artist ....... Night Hex
Genre ........ Psychedelic
Source ....... WEB
Type ......... EP
Label ........ Suntrip Records
Catalog Nr. .. SUNCDEP01
Release Date . Oct-26-2015
Tracks ....... 05
Length ....... 41:08
Bitrate ...... avg. 260kbps
Samplingrate . 44,1kHz
Mode ......... Joint Stereo
Size ......... 77,00 MB
All our releases are encoded with
LAME v3.98.4 -V0 (WEB may vary)

Rls Notes

E-Mantra is back under his Alter Ego Night Hex!
But this is different slower, deeper, more
progressive, more atmospheric and a little darker.

Ever since his latest release, Echoes from the
Void, Emmanuel Carpus had questions about the best
track on this cd under his name Night Hex. This
inspired him to make a mini-album with this kind
of music A mini-album? Yes! As Suntrip is about
old school, lets go back to the golden 90s, when
flat jewel case cd-singles were still a part of
the scene!

The music on this cd is different from earlier E-
Mantra work He likes to call it next level darker
progressive with melodies and hypnotic dreamy
sounds. And that sums it all up!
The opener is a massive atmospheric melodic 125
bpm tune, getting you in a deep dream state
immediately. Sleep Paralysis is funkier and is
followed by the most up-tempo track on the mini-
album: Distorted Visions. It is 132 bpm and has
blissful melodies all over the place Ninive is a
remix of his older track on Arcana. It is more
sinister and darkish but holds the special
melodies and power of the original! The final
track, Katharsis, is 110 bpm downtempo and it has
sublime, joyful melodies all along!

available at



# track length

01 Night Hex - Night Visitors 08:39
02 Night Hex - Sleep Paralysis 07:33
03 Night Hex - Distorted Visions 07:35
04 E-Mantra - Ninive Under The Stars 10:37
(Night Hex Remix)
05 Night Hex - Katharsis 06:44


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nfo update : o7-12-2o11

* artwork by cpN of cRo in o4 *

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00-night_hex_-_viziuni_nocturne_(suncdep01)-web-2015-gem.nfo15 843
01-night_hex_-_night_visitors-gem.mp316 379 029
02-night_hex_-_sleep_paralysis-gem.mp315 160 235
03-night_hex_-_distorted_visions-gem.mp314 636 601
04-e-mantra_-_ninive_under_the_stars_(night_hex_remix)-gem.mp321 410 663
05-night_hex_-_katharsis-gem.mp313 171 360