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Artist.....: Psybur
Album......: Psybur Support
Type.......: Album
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Electronic
Label......: Mindspring Music
CatalogNr..: MSM119
Url........: 19.11.2022 23.07.2022
Source.....: WEB > WAV
Grabber....: Unknown
Encoder....: Lame 3.100 -b 320 --lowpass 20500
Quality....: CBR 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 7
Size.......: 117.51 MB
Length.....: 51:20


01. Psybur - Electronics R Us 07:59
02. Psybur - Digital Zen 07:41
03. Psybur - Quantum Counterpoint 07:35
04. Psybur, Cosmic Sidekick - Psyburnetic Symphony 07:52
05. Psybur - A Signal Sensation 06:52
06. Psybur, Shwamp - Groovin Dub 07:04
07. Psybur, Advanced Suite - An Unusual Day 06:17

Total Time: 51:20

Release Notes


From ambient and downtempo, to progressive and dub. Psybur is into everything
psychedelic. Checkout his latest creations.

Psybur also creates tutorials about professional music production. See link
below to join Psybur and level up your music production skills:

"For Psybur Space travelers who'd like to support me in creative endeavors. I
will share access to exclusive mixes and any presets I make in my (occasional)
tutorial videos. Cheers, and thank you for the support! It means a LOT to me"

"Radicle Supporters receive everything from the Astronaut tier, along with
access to works-in-progress, recognition as a supporter in my tutorial
descriptions, and access to unlisted videos (project walk-throughs and
behind-the-scenes content coming soon). I plan to grow the offerings on this
tier over time."

"Psybur Support is for those looking for help with music production. It
includes all the benefits of the previous tier's plus access to my private
Discord group where I will offer ongoing support through track feedback and a
discounted rate for private one-on-one zoom lessons where we can review your
mixes and arrangments."

Psybur Support

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est. 2001

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00-psybur_-_psybur_support-web-2022-psycz.nfo5 427
00-psybur_-_psybur_support-web-2022-psycz.jpg275 991
01-psybur_-_electronics_r_us-psycz.mp319 165 694
02-psybur_-_digital_zen-psycz.mp318 457 248
03-psybur_-_quantum_counterpoint-psycz.mp318 185 584
04-psybur__cosmic_sidekick_-_psyburnetic_symphony-psycz.mp318 865 864
05-psybur_-_a_signal_sensation-psycz.mp316 487 623
06-psybur__shwamp_-_groovin_dub-psycz.mp316 957 844
07-psybur__advanced_suite_-_an_unusual_day-psycz.mp315 102 132