Roman Messer and Joe Jury Upon The Horizon Incl. Extended Mix SND318 2022 iNT

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- Releaseinformation

* artist .........: Roman Messer & Joe Jury
* album .........: Upon The Horizon (Incl. Extended Mix)

* label .........: Suanda Music
* catalog .........: (SND318)
* genre .........: Trance

* quality .........: 320 Kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
* size .........: 33,46 megs
* street date .........: 2022-09-24
* url :

Tracklist -

1. Upon The Horizon 4:08
2. The River 4:20
3. Upon The Horizon (Extended Mix) 6:01

PLAYTiME: 00:14:29

- Notes

Roman Messer joins forces with the vocalist Joe Jury one more time for 'Upon
The Horizon' on Suanda Music!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Roman and Joe are teaming up for the third
time after the slower ballad 'I've Been Needing You' taken from Roman's
long-player 'Dream' and the massive success of their uplifting trance record
'The River' (from 'Written In The Stars') that rocked numerous dancefloors and
charts last year.

Their new team effort, 'Upon The Horizon', largely follows in the footsteps of
the latter. An uplifting stormer, largely built upon the same sound design
principles that made 'The River' a fan favorite, sees Roman craft a driving
instrumental to accompany Joe's hopeful, celestial-themed lyrics. Gentle piano
in the calmer parts of the track serves as a secondary melody to play off
Joe's vocals before making room for Roman's syncopated lead synths that scream
'this is the highlight of the set'.

Working equally well as the peak moment and as the memorable closing track in
terms of its mood, 'Upon The Horizon' has been road-tested by Roman in his
sets at the Suanda and Trancemission events, and is out now on Suanda Music!


J for juicy Trance
J for jammy vibes
J for jaggy beats
J for juggling sounds
J for ... uhh...

J for JUSTiFY !

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