Alexander De Roy and Justine Berg Scream and Shout Complete Edition SUBMISSION306 2022 iNT

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- Releaseinformation

* artist .........: Alexander de Roy and Justine Berg
* album .........: Scream & Shout (Complete Edition)

* label .........: Sub.Mission Recordings
* catalog .........: (SUBMISSION306)
* genre .........: Trance

* quality .........: 320 Kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
* size .........: 79,58 megs
* street date .........: 2022-03-11
* url :

Tracklist -

1. Scream&Shout (Radio Edit) 3:20
2. Scream&Shout (Original Mix) 5:00
3. Scream&Shout (Ross Cairns Radio Edit) 3:23
4. Scream&Shout (Ross Cairns Remix) 5:31
5. Scream&Shout (SICKCODE Radio Edit) 3:05
6. Scream&Shout (SICKCODE Remix) 4:43
7. Scream&Shout (O.B.M Notion Radio Edit) 3:40
8. Scream&Shout (O.B.M Notion Remix) 6:00

PLAYTiME: 00:34:42

- Notes

Last year saw the release of Scream&Shout, a vocal trance collaboration
between Polish talents Alexander de Roy and Justine Berg. Hitting all the
right spots, Scream&Shout proved to be one of our labels(and all of 2021) most
popular releases. Now coming full circle, Scream&Shout is getting a full on
re-release that features a buffet of pure quality music. This complete edition
features two brand new exiting remixes from rapidly rising Vietnamese star
SICKCODE and Tunisian legend O.B.M Notion. SICKCODE's remix opts for a
Progressive take combined with elements of big room and tech mixed in. The
final product is a serious club floor banger. Uplifting lovers will feel right
at home with O.B.M Notions remix, who amps the BPM up sky high, equaling a
euphoric experience that will have no problems bringing listeners to cloud
nine. Of course we cannot forget the original and Ross Cairns Remix. Both
which are still as fresh sounding as they were when the first released. With
so many great options to choose from in this release, music fans are in for a

Available 3-11-2022


J for juicy Trance
J for jammy vibes
J for jaggy beats
J for juggling sounds
J for ... uhh...

J for JUSTiFY !

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00-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg-scream_and_shout_(complete_edition)-(submission306)-web-2022_int.nfo7 659
00-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg-scream_and_shout_(complete_edition)-cover-2022_int.jpg2 166 786
01-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(radio_edit)-justify_int.mp38 005 458
02-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(original_mix)-justify_int.mp312 009 509
03-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(ross_cairns_radio_edit)-justify_int.mp38 148 621
04-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(ross_cairns_remix)-justify_int.mp313 280 110
05-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(sickcode_radio_edit)-justify_int.mp37 424 504
06-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(sickcode_remix)-justify_int.mp311 351 182
07-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(o.b.m_notion_radio_edit)-justify_int.mp38 825 716
08-alexander_de_roy_and_justine_berg_-_screamandshout_(o.b.m_notion_remix)-justify_int.mp314 405 466