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- Releaseinformation

* artist .........: Push
* album .........: The Legacy (Remastered Classic Mixes)

* label .........: Bonzai Classics
* catalog .........: (BCD2022485)
* genre .........: Trance

* quality .........: 320 Kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
* size .........: 101,44 megs
* street date .........: 2022-03-11
* url :

Tracklist -

1. The Legacy (Remastered 2001 Remake) 8:55
2. The Legacy (Remastered Allure Remix) 5:52
3. The Legacy (Remastered Progression) 8:21
4. The Legacy (Remastered Svenson & Gielen Mix) 8:36
5. The Legacy (Remastered Album Mix) 8:43
6. The Legacy (Remastered Radio Edit) 3:39

PLAYTiME: 00:44:06

- Notes


The turn of the millennium saw an avalanche of anthemic trance hit the clubs,
and there was no-one more prolific at churning out the hits than Push. The
Legacy continued a string of top-notch cuts with this 2001 effort taken from
his album, From Beyond. A proper driving trancer with lush basses and soaring
synths. First released on Bonzai Records, this one would go on to see several
pick-ups from various other labels as well as appearances on many
compilations. A definite firm favourite among the trance fraternity. Included
on this digital release we have the 2001 Remake, Progression version, Album
Mix and Radio Edits. Some big hitters have remixed this classic over the years
and they don't get much bigger than Allure aka Tiesto and Cor Fijneman whose
2013 interpretation made it onto M.I.K.E.'s 2013 World Citizen comp. Trance
maestros Svenson & Gielen complete the package with their excellent remix from


J for juicy Trance
J for jammy vibes
J for jaggy beats
J for juggling sounds
J for ... uhh...

J for JUSTiFY !

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02-push_-_the_legacy_(remastered_allure_remix)-justify_int.mp314 162 717
03-push_-_the_legacy_(remastered_progression)-justify_int.mp320 135 352
04-push_-_the_legacy_(remastered_svenson_and_gielen_mix)-justify_int.mp320 741 411
05-push_-_the_legacy_(remastered_album_mix)-justify_int.mp321 002 613
06-push_-_the_legacy_(remastered_radio_edit)-justify_int.mp38 851 497