Roman Messer and Simon Oshine Euphoria SND283 2021 iNT

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- Releaseinformation

* artist .........: Roman Messer & Simon O'Shine
* album .........: Euphoria

* label .........: Suanda Music
* catalog .........: (SND283)
* genre .........: Trance

* quality .........: 320 Kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
* size .........: 21,85 megs
* street date .........: 2021-11-12
* url :

Tracklist -

1. Euphoria 3:35
2. Euphoria (Extended Mix) 5:54

PLAYTiME: 00:09:29

- Notes

Ahead of the imminent release of his new artist album later this month, Suanda
Music head honcho Roman Messer teams up with the Polish uplifting trance
maestro Simon O'Shine to deliver 'Euphoria'.

Starting out with a dark, enigmatic and subtly exotic progression before the
breakdown, 'Euphoria' soon reveals its true nature as the lead melody makes
its entrance. A record with all the hallmarks of a bona fide anthem, this
collaboration exemplifies exactly what trance music is all about. While
perhaps not quite a total peaktime banger and best reserved for moments just
before those in a DJ set, 'Euphoria' is just the kind of track to make the
listeners lose themselves in its melancholic melody and let the music carry
them away like few other genres are capable of. 'Euphoria' sounds timeless,
grand, and majestic, and is destined to be one of the standout moments in any
mix, be it one made for home listening or one that is played through big sound
systems, like Roman's recent performance at the Untold Festival in Romania
where he premiered the track or the Can You Feel The Love trance event by
Suanda Music a couple weeks later.

'Euphoria' is out now as a standalone single and is set to be featured on
Roman Messer's artist album 'Written In The Stars' that comes out in late
November - keep an eye out for its imminent release right here on Suanda


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