Drunk Breeze Reminds Me Of You TMU019 2021 iNT

once testified - no more need to JUSTiFY

- Releaseinformation

* artist .........: Drunk Breeze
* album .........: Reminds Me Of You

* label .........: Tecnomind Uplifting
* catalog .........: (TMU019)
* genre .........: Trance

* quality .........: 320 Kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo
* size .........: 77,84 megs
* street date .........: 2021-07-05
* url :

Tracklist -

1. Reminds Me Of You (Extended Mix) 7:53
2. Reminds Me Of You (Radio Edit) 3:52
3. Reminds Me Of You (Ahmed Walid Remix) 6:48
4. Reminds Me Of You (Ahmed Walid Radio Edit) 3:50
5. Reminds Me Of You (Tensile Force Remix) 5:12
6. Reminds Me Of You (Trancephile Remix) 6:08

PLAYTiME: 00:33:43

- Notes


A new artist comes from China to Tecnomind Uplifting, named 'Drunk Breeze'. Is
a very young producer of a great potential, whom we can augur a brilliant
future in the trance scene if continues working. The tune is named 'Reminds Me
Of You', and this has a quality too awesome to be from a very new talent. The
melody is beautiful transmitting innocence and tenderness, and the base strong
just as we like most. Also, the release comes with remixes by 3 of our
artists: 'Ahmed Walid', 'Tensile Force' and 'Trancephile'. All them did also
amazing works of great quality each one in their style, giving to the release
a big impulse. We absolutely love the whole pack, so is 100%% recommended with
all stunning tracks, and you can't miss this complete. Enjoy!


J for juicy Trance
J for jammy vibes
J for jaggy beats
J for juggling sounds
J for ... uhh...

J for JUSTiFY !

Archive's content:

filenamesize, bytes
00-drunk_breeze-reminds_me_of_you-(tmu019)-web-2021_int.nfo7 137
00-drunk_breeze-reminds_me_of_you-cover-2021_int.jpg138 697
01-drunk_breeze_-_reminds_me_of_you_(extended_mix)-justify_int.mp319 047 230
02-drunk_breeze_-_reminds_me_of_you_(radio_edit)-justify_int.mp39 400 496
03-drunk_breeze_-_reminds_me_of_you_(ahmed_walid_remix)-justify_int.mp316 441 797
04-drunk_breeze_-_reminds_me_of_you_(ahmed_walid_radio_edit)-justify_int.mp39 304 292
05-drunk_breeze_-_reminds_me_of_you_(tensile_force_remix)-justify_int.mp312 585 409
06-drunk_breeze_-_reminds_me_of_you_(trancephile_remix)-justify_int.mp314 847 779