Redshift Interpolate TGNX015 2019

entangle: (verb)
involve (someone) in difficulties or complicated circumstances
from which it is difficult to escape.

ARTIST.....: Redshift
TITLE......: Interpolate
LABEL......: Techgnosis Records
CATNUM.....: TGNX015
GENRE......: Trance
RIP DATE...: 2019-09-18
RETAIL DATE: 2019-09-18
RUNTIME....: 25:10
TRACKS.....: 3
SIZE.......: 57.89MB
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)

01. Interpolate (Original Mix) 10:25
02. Stress Fractures (Original Mix) 07:44
03. Insufficient Data (Original Mix) 07:01

Redshift is a British electronic music group, founded in 1996 by
Mark Shreeve. Their musical style is rooted in the early to mid
1970's German electronic music era, often described as Berlin
School, and transcends the genre using musical originality,
multi-instrumentation, and complex harmonic arrangements using
analogue sequencing. Their pieces are described as both exciting
and haunting in equal measure, expressing strong central themes,
and include contrasting atmospheres of rich sonic textures.
Redshift music has been played on BBC TV and some listeners have
likened certain pieces to film score, neo-industrial, as well as
dark ambient. Listeners have commented on the hypnotic quality of
the musical compositions.Their sound is largely dependent upon
older synthesiser technology, notably instruments such as the
Moog 3C which they combine with more recent digital technology.
The basic technological philosophy of Redshift is to use analogue
synthesis where possible, augmented where necessary by digitally
sampled versions of hard-to-maintain analogue instruments such as
the Mellotron.

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00-redshift-interpolate-(tgnx015)-web-2019.nfo1 913
00-redshift-interpolate-(tgnx015)-web-2019.jpg50 337
01-redshift-interpolate_(original_mix)-754ff086.mp325 098 022
02-redshift-stress_fractures_(original_mix)-c4a6fe8f.mp318 658 155
03-redshift-insufficient_data_(original_mix)-eb731454.mp316 943 856