The Maniac Into Madness 2020 gEm

presents a 2020 release

The Maniac - Into Madness

Artist ....... The Maniac
Genre ........ Goa
Source ....... WEB
Type ......... Album
Label ........ Neogoa Records
Catalog Nr. .. N/A
Release Date . Nov-20-2020
Tracks ....... 10
Length ....... 77:25
Bitrate ...... avg. 277kbps
Samplingrate . 44.1kHz
Mode ......... Joint Stereo
Size ......... 153.68 MB
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LAME v3.100 -V0 (WEB may vary)

Rls Notes

Neogoa Records is proud to present you our latest
release, a full length album by The Maniac Into

Man behind The Maniac project is B. Deepak from
India, who started producing Goa trance music in
2015, being inspired by both old and new Goa
trance musicians and juggernauts such as
Pleiadians, Prana, Green Nuns Of The Revolution,
Cosmosis, Filteria, Proxeeus and Morphic
Resonance, to name a few.

In 2017. he made his first appereances on Timewarp
Records and since than he published many different
tracks on compilations and at his official
Bandcamp page. His latest release and first under
the Neogoa Records banner Into Madness was in
the making for last 2 years and it brings the best
of The Maniac sound and idea. Complete album has
been produced on a smartphone hardware and
technology, which makes it unique when it comes to
the releases we hosted so far on our label.

On Into Madness album each track oozes with high-
octane tempos and rich acidic textures spiced up
with crazy melodies a prefect combination to
represent the dark mythos of H.P. Lovecrafts
works which are an important part of this record
and big inspiration for The Maniac music.


available at (WEB only):


# track length

01 In Unlighted Chambers 07:05
02 Cult 07:08
03 Effluvium Of K'thun 07:40
04 Awakening Rhan Tegoth 08:54
05 Blessings Of Chaugnar Faugn 08:28
06 In The Court Of Hastur 07:17
07 Daemon Sultan 08:19
08 Temple Of Nephren-Ka 07:27
09 Originator Of Madness 07:37
10 Sacrifice To Tsathoggua 07:30


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Group Notes

We are on the block for nearly 2 decades now and
we noticed that it is getting worse year by year.
Years ago scene releases found their way to the
public via kinda slow p2p networks, DC++ hubs or
FXP-Pubs. Nowadays most stuff gets spread via
Filehosters within a few minutes or even seconds
which is very sad to see! We wonder why are some
crazy kids doing this? What is your intention?

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aren't popstars like Madonna who earn thousands
if not millions. Labels can be happy if they earn
enough money to cover all the production costs!
If this continues that way some artists (maybe
your #1 favorite!) will stop making music and/or
the production of CDs will stop at all and
everything will be available as digital download
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Furthermore we wanna say thanks to all the people
who made this whole thing happen, in the past,
present and future. And finally, we want to send
greetings to all our fellow friends within
the scene! You know who you are!


groov[e]mission 2ooo - infinity!


nfo update : o3-o3-2o19

* artwork by cpN of cRo in o4 *

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filenamesize, bytes
00-the_maniac_-_into_madness-web-2020-gem.nfo16 107
01-the_maniac_-_in_unlighted_chambers-gem.mp315 020 376
02-the_maniac_-_cult-gem.mp315 004 671
03-the_maniac_-_effluvium_of_kthun-gem.mp315 720 247
04-the_maniac_-_awakening_rhan_tegoth-gem.mp317 808 422
05-the_maniac_-_blessings_of_chaugnar_faugn-gem.mp317 838 636
06-the_maniac_-_in_the_court_of_hastur-gem.mp315 171 902
07-the_maniac_-_daemon_sultan-gem.mp317 773 963
08-the_maniac_-_temple_of_nephren-ka-gem.mp315 594 185
09-the_maniac_-_originator_of_madness-gem.mp315 386 027
10-the_maniac_-_sacrifice_to_tsathoggua-gem.mp315 874 134