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Artist: Organ Donors
Title: Ultrasound
Release Date: 12.01.2021 Street Year: 2020
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 15
Source: WEB Genre: Trance
Release Size: 167.16 MB Language: English
Label: Audio Surgery ASRODUCD1
Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght:

01. Organ Donors - Wasted 04:42
02. Organ Donors - Eat Your Mind 05:29
03. Organ Donors, Sonny Wilson - Rewind Selecta 03:34
04. Organ Donors - Off Base 07:02
05. Organ Donors - No Longer In Control 06:12
06. Organ Donors, Xander, The Keys - Faux Embrace 04:55
07. Organ Donors - Fuck Life 05:01
08. Organ Donors, Juxtaposition - Audio Surgery 05:00
09. Organ Donors - Like A Hawk 04:35
10. Organ Donors - Laughing Gas 04:25
11. Organ Donors - Tribalism 05:24
12. Organ Donors - Back Stabber 04:34
13. Organ Donors, The Score - Disco Biscuits 04:56
14. Organ Donors - 1000 Lullabies 03:37
15. Organ Donors - Ultrasound 03:28

About Release

After the highly successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017,
the Organ Donors now deliver what is set to be their 3rd and
definitive studio album ULTRASOUND.

15 brand new genre defying hard edge tracks that are set to
become their next anthems of the future. After taking a few
years out of the scene, this new concept album ULTRASOUND,
reflects on their history, influences, journey through genres
and ultimately their musical rebirth.

With millions of youtube views over two decades, the Organ
Donors have transcended genres and helped pave the way for
the modern boundary-free era of harder electronic dance
music. Their tracks on the infamous Nukleuz Records were some
of the biggest of that era and they entered the UK Top 40
twice with both '4 Tribes' and 'Blackout'. Their tracks have
amounted to 100's of Radio 1 plays, features, and they have
also guest mixed and been interviewed multiple times on
various Radio 1 shows. Their smash hit 'Turntablism' on Tidy
Trax was played 7 consecutive weeks on Radio 1 and went on to
win tune of the year at the 2006 Hard Dance Awards. They set
a Beatport record when they held the Number 1 spot on the
Beatport Top 10 chart for almost a year with their remix of
'Bassturbation' which also went on to win hard track of the
year. These career accolades helped them work with and remix
some of the biggest names in electronic music and took the
Organ Donors live show the world over.

With their larger-than-life stage presence and original music
style, the Organ Donors continue to defy genres and gain the
support and respect from fans and artists across the globe.

Their new album ULTRASOUND ?will set new standards as the
Organ Donors return to the harder edge music scene with a


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00-organ_donors-ultrasound-web-2020.nfo9 847
00-organ_donors-ultrasound-web-2020.jpg145 915
01-organ_donors-wasted.mp311 187 818
02-organ_donors-eat_your_mind.mp313 090 577
03-organ_donors_sonny_wilson-rewind_selecta.mp38 479 442
04-organ_donors-off_base.mp316 798 920
05-organ_donors-no_longer_in_control.mp314 801 075
06-organ_donors_xander_the_keys-faux_embrace.mp311 724 895
07-organ_donors-fuck_life.mp311 953 728
08-organ_donors_juxtaposition-audio_surgery_helpline.mp311 934 920
09-organ_donors-like_a_hawk.mp310 930 773
10-organ_donors-laughing_gas.mp310 543 116
11-organ_donors-tribalism.mp312 878 462
12-organ_donors-back_stabber.mp310 881 662
13-organ_donors_the_score-disco_biscuits.mp311 775 050
14-organ_donors-1000_lullabies.mp38 610 054
15-organ_donors-ultrasound.mp38 265 238