VA Carpe Noctem 2021 gEm

presents a 2021 release

VA - Carpe Noctem

Artist ....... VA
Genre ........ Goa
Source ....... WEB
Type ......... Compilation
Label ........ Suntrip Records
Catalog Nr. .. SUNCD65
Release Date . Jan-08-2021
Tracks ....... 10
Length ....... 81:33
Bitrate ...... avg. 275kbps
Samplingrate . 44.1kHz
Mode ......... Joint Stereo
Size ......... 160.87 MB
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LAME v3.100 -V0 (WEB may vary)

Rls Notes

And now for something diffferent... Suntrips new
compilation: "Carpe Noctem"! Its our vision on
melodic forest and darker goa-trance!
Carpe Noctem is latin for "Seize The Night" and
you'll understand why while listening to it! It
features some of the best producers in the gloomy
goa field! The mind blowing artwork is done by
Liya Livet!

Let's start with Spindrift's own reality, a groovy
track, perfect for wandering or dancing in the
Smuds follows up on the same line with a rolling
tune full of bubbles and turnarounds. But you
can't escape as imps are spying on you from uptop
the trees!
Dragon Twins is back with Suntrip and he's leading
you to a unhinged pagan dance with witches under
the canopy! Let yourself go before they decide to
feast on your soul!
Omnium is a great trio from North Macedonia who
achieved the mastery of strange effervescent
sounds...unless those are fairies wispering in
your ear :)
Now it's getting dark outside, Proxeeus gives you
shivers on a relentless run away as trolls are on
the hunt for your flesh!
And just as you escape those monsters, Xenomorph
catches your breath with a creepy electric piece
of somber've been warned.
This journey's thrills are not over, for Batle Of
The Future Buddhas delivers one of those unique
surprising hypnotic rollercoasters rides full of
electronic fx. Or maybe that's the effect of those
mushrooms you grabbed on the way?
It seems to be confirmed as Ka-Sol is never far
away to surround you in his alkaloid shivering
vapors! Thankfully you know dawn is near as the
track ends in a great melodic climax!
Just in time for Hada to give their take on the
classic L.A.B.'s Spellbound track released nearly
20 years ago. Crazy and melodic as sunrays squeeze
through the foliage!
And finally JaraLuca shows a totally different
aspect of his talent with a pretty industrial
track full of howling werevolves. Ahahah you may
not be safe yet, fool!
Welcome to the wonderful world of humus, spores,
mushrooms and trolls, Carpe Noctem will bewitch


available at (WEB only):


# track length

01 Spindrift - Deeper Reality 08:02
02 Smuds - Betarave 09:37
03 Dragon Twins - Eating Crow 06:47
04 Omnium - Omnipresence 07:23
05 Proxeeus - Breaking Down The 09:22
06 Xenomorph - Lost In An Old Junkyard08:05
07 Ka-Sol - Dance Of The Locusts 07:42
08 Battle Of The Future Buddhas - 09:09
09 L.A.B. - Spellbound (Hada Remix) 08:52
10 JaraLuca - Flashbacks 06:34


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nfo update : o3-o3-2o19

* artwork by cpN of cRo in o4 *

Archive's content:

filenamesize, bytes
00-va_-_carpe_noctem-web-2021-gem.nfo17 672
01-spindrift_-_deeper_reality-gem.mp316 547 682
02-smuds_-_betarave-gem.mp320 003 381
03-dragon_twins_-_eating_crow-gem.mp313 406 958
04-omnium_-_omnipresence-gem.mp315 794 893
05-proxeeus_-_breaking_down_the_barrier-gem.mp319 416 467
06-xenomorph_-_lost_in_an_old_junkyard-gem.mp316 925 130
07-ka-sol_-_dance_of_the_locusts-gem.mp316 610 097
08-battle_of_the_future_buddhas_-_pitchbend-gem.mp319 018 018
09-l.a.b._-_spellbound_(hada_remix)-gem.mp317 540 074
10-jaraluca_-_flashbacks-gem.mp313 463 166