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2024/06/22 - 09:20

Uploaded Invid_Mind_and_Jhunix-Those_Who_Remember_The_Past-WEB-2010-XTC_iNT:

Jhena 2024/06/24 - 17:47

Thank you. I wonder why so many new releases missed? Requesting each will took ages

2024/06/27 - 17:49

we aren't considering non-2024 releases as new

Jhena 2024/06/28 - 18:00

Aren't you going to revise decision and count new releases based on the release date rather than the album date? By the way, there are some 2024 releases that are missing (I will also put them on request when old albums will be uploaded)

2024/06/29 - 16:24

Why do you focus on the current year exactly and don't put any Trance release pre'd? Anyway they all go to the common section, both new and requested releases.

As to the missing releases, it's for real, your upload script doesn't 'catch' each and every release. For example, AFO releases many Trance on every Thursday, but ~40% of it doesn't get here. Maybe it's somehow related to the way how genre is determined now. At predb sites fresh Trance releases are often referred to some nonsense, like 'Complextro' and such. I have to go to srrdb with the release name, paste it there and open the .nfo to reveal the real genre.

2024/07/12 - 17:48

Hi, I reviewed all my sources and removed outdated ones. Also improved the parsing of genres from NFO from the additional sources. Now we shouldn't miss many releases.
As to the posting non-2024 releases, I'm still thinking of that.

2024/07/13 - 14:29

anyway you are doing a great help and I am grateful for that as it is